Construction Insurance Broker (National) – All You Need to Know about Concrete Contractor’s Insurance 


At Vertical Ensuring we are here to make sure you have a concrete insurance policy.

Concrete contractors have a vital importance in almost all construction projects. Typically a concrete company has the responsibility of completing several tasks on a job site, such as: construction the foundations, applying concrete on site, constructing concrete sidewalks, parking lots, culverts and guttering, completing the concrete footings or slabs, pumping concrete and many more. You are an individual concrete contractor or own a subcontracting business; you need to have a strong concrete construction insurance portfolio to protect the future of your business. The major kind of insurance that is essential in starting your business is liability insurance. It is mandatory in many states to have a general liability insurance and you cannot work without it.

Why is Liability Insurance Important for Concrete Contractors?

General liability insurance is essential for the concrete contractor before starting a construction project in many states. Concrete construction jobs are diverse and prove to be a high risk industry. General liability insurance is meant to address all the problems, work mistakes, accidents and injuries that may occur on and off a job site related to concrete. This type of contractors’ insurance can offer a vast range of lawsuit coverage to protect your business. From transportation, manufacturing and to delivery of concrete and cement you need to ensure your covered. In many states you may not be allowed to work without general liability insurance as you will be asked to show a proof of your liability insurance coverage before anyone hires you.

How General Liability Insurance Protects the Concrete Contractors?

Here are the main reasons why you must have general liability insurance.

  • Survival From Accidents:

Even if you are an expert in your job, accidents can happen. The sudden and unpredictable happenings can leave your job or business at risk. The best option is to get the general liability insurance coverage that can save you from trouble.

  • The Protection of your Asset:

While doing your job, if a third party causes an accident or unwanted damage to you or the property, you can only guarantee you are financially covered if you hold a general liability insurance policy.

  • Peace of Mind to You:

If you have the liability insurance coverage, your business and employees can have a sense of protection and peace of mind while on the job. This policy can cover the legal fees, court expenses etc… allowing you to continue your job smoothly without delays due to accidents.