Cost Effective Insurance Solutions for Heavy Equipment and Operators

The cost of heavy equipment used in construction and rigging is increasing with each passing year. Companies need sophisticated and costly tools to carry out commercial jobs. It is not a surprise that insurance companies have jacked up their premiums for insurance policies for heavy equipment as well as their operators. However, insurance is a must if you are in construction or rigging industry. You need to find the right insurance policy with superior protection but lower premiums.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for the right insurance policy. We work with top insurance providers of the country and we have knowledge and access to some wonderful insurance products suited to your requirements.  We have the right insurance policy for your needs irrespective of the crane and rigging operations you are involved with. Look at the different types of coverage you can expect through our products.

  • Commercial auto– If you run a transportation business carrying heavy equipment, this is coverage for your large fleet of vehicles
  • General liability– This is a broad coverage that covers your liability depending upon the range of operations
  • Professional liability– This insurance provides a cover to you if you have a skill and run the risk of losing it
  • Inland marina– This insurance product gives peace of mind in case of transit of goods
  • Directors and officer’s liability– This insurance product is designed to keep your top management happy with its shield for their skills
  • Group health & Payroll– This product provides coverage to your payroll and health benefits
  • Workers compensation– This policy comes with a safety plan and recommends doctors and hospitals in case of a mishap

Coverage of equipment

We provide total peace of mind by providing protection to your expensive equipment and tools. We also have a product called equipment floater to cover damage to equipment during transit. It provides protection against not just accidents but also fires, vandalism, theft, and breakdowns during transit of equipment.

No matter what your business and industry, we have an insurance policy that is tailor made according to your requirements. We provide insurance products that are cost effective and do not hamper the growth of your business.

Insurance for operators

Operators of cranes and other heavy equipment are working in an environment that is potentially dangerous. Crane operators must work in conjunction with conveyor belts and forklifts and they are usually seen looking after telecom upgrades, HVAC installation and repair, and many other jobs associated with construction and rigging industry.

We provide the right insurance policy for operators whether they are broom truck operators, mobile crane operators, crane inspectors, lift directors, concrete pump truck operators, heavy haul truck operators, and operators involved with specialized transportation.