Cost Effective Insurance Solutions for Heavy Equipment

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Cost Effective Insurance Solutions for Heavy Equipment and Operators The cost of heavy equipment used in construction and rigging is increasing with each passing year. Companies need sophisticated and costly tools to carry out commercial jobs. It is not a surprise that insurance companies have jacked up their premiums for insurance policies for heavy equipment

Why small business owners opt to have a BOP

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Commercial Insurance Company-Vertical Ensuring A small business needs to be fully insured right on the initial stage to keep the owner stress free all through the struggle to the success. A business owner’s policy (BOP) proves to be very useful for the small businesses because it combines the general liability insurance with some of the

Vertical Ensuring- ensuring you are fully insured.

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Insurance Broker - The Most Trusted Construction Insurance Broker of NYC   Entrepreneurs tend to push limits, cross hurdles and do all that they can to make their business flourish day and night. One thing that can be overlooked in the process of building a thriving construction business is taking the the time to hire

Construction Insurance 2019

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Construction Insurance Company: Prepare your Construction Business to Combat the Challenges and Reap the Benefits of the Changes & Trends Expected to Hit the Construction Industry in 2019 2018 is drawing to an end, and the New Year will bring about various changes within the construction industry. While many of these changes will work in

Construction Insurance Brokers

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Construction Insurance Company - Vertical Ensuring is the Best Construction Insurance Brokers What Is Construction and Development Insurances? As the population keeps on increasing around the world the needs of construction and development has increased too. Construction insurance companies play vital role in providing the legal, financial and stability to someone’s Construction Company. Why Consult

Concrete Insurance Policy

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Construction Insurance Broker (National) - All You Need to Know about Concrete Contractor’s Insurance    At Vertical Ensuring we are here to make sure you have a concrete insurance policy. Concrete contractors have a vital importance in almost all construction projects. Typically a concrete company has the responsibility of completing several tasks on a job

Common Construction Insurance Types

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Construction Insurance Company  The construction industry is one of the highest risk industries for accidents and injuries. Construction insurance is an essential part of owning a construction company, or managing a job site. What are the most Common Insurances Construction Contractors Must Have? Every construction project must get specific construction insurance before commencing the project.

Vertical Ensuring

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Welcome to Vertical Ensuring. We are insurance brokers based on Long Island and NYC offering national insurance coverage. Our focus is on construction insurance, while we offer a wide range of insurance coverage, our specialty is business insurance. Vertical Ensuring is both a Risk Management firm and an Insurance Brokerage. We work mostly with small